The Always Drinking Marching Band is a company made up by musicians, actors, technicians, dancers, pub poets (and many others, of course), that has been performing in the streets since 1997,  throughout Spain but also elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa and América.

Our name refers to the Mediterranean “ mode de vie”, which includes socializing with buddies on streets and squares, having some beers and tapas, hence "Always Drinking..."

For more information check our site in "web" format, you'll find more information about who we are there.


We are working hard to keep on improving and to take our shows, if possible, to every corner of  the world. We strongly believe, that the energy that results from  combining good  music and good  humour, is universal; it resonates in China and in Helsinki as well as in  Bogotá and in Rabat.


Just drink it!


Some old videos: check our youtube chanel for more!




On the Rocks!

ADMB & Maria Joao

Quina Barra

La calle es nuestra Milano

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