The Always Drinking Marching Band is a company made by musicians, actors, technicians, dancers and pub poets that has been performing in the streets since 1997,  throughout Spain but also elsewhere in Europe, Asia, Africa and América.

Our name refers to the Mediterranean “ mode de vie”, which includes socializing with buddies on streets and squares, having some beers and tapas, hence "Always Drinking..."

And our goal is to reach all audiences being faithful to our trademark: high quality music combined with sharp humour.




 “Birra, sudor y lágrimas”, ("Brew, sweat and tears"), 1997 - 2005 

 “La Calle es nuestra” ("The street is ours").  2005 - nowadays

With this show the company becomes professional and starts to be a reference within the world of "street bands"

Many awards were given to this show that travelled around the world (Lisboa, Dixieland, Mercè a Banda, Milano Clown Festival, Linz Pflasterspektakel; Marroc, Fia Costa Rica and many, many others) in more than 250 performances. 

Go to shows to read and see more about "La Calle es nuestra"

 “On The Rocks!” 2008 Grec festival (first stage show)

That year brought  a new kind of productions which we called "Special",

because they were organized in conjunction with City Councils,

for specific parties or for award presentations and collaborations

with artists such as Maria João (Cantanhede’09),

Josema Yuste i Flo (Cap d’Any TVE’08), Costo Rico (Sala Apolo’09),  etc

 "Quina Barra" 2009 

 A new approach, combining Circus and music in a memorable experience                                          


In  2010 and 2011 the company  earned  the recognition of the media and the audience, presenting its shows throughout Europe and starting to have regular appereances in TV.  (La Partida, La Marato, Anima, els matins de TV3)


In 2012 the company, reached out and collaborated with the

actor G. Albá, creating

the award winning "Flirt" under Jordi Purtí's regie and 

offered performances in the whole of Spain.                                                  

The show Bullangas! (2010 -2013) performs in Beijing (Pekin),

programmed as an attraction for the New Year´s Eve celebration!




In 2014 the company presents  Brasstards, a new stage show that performed in Costa Rica (Fia festival). It was in  Macao (China) where we premiered a pre version of Gagsters, a brand new show. 


So, this is who we are!

We are working hard to keep on improving and to take our shows, if possible, to every corner of  the world. We strongly believe, that the energy that results from  combining good  music and good  humour, is universal; it resonates in China and in Helsinki as well as in  Bogotá and in Rabat.


Just drink it!



- Festival Meeec!. L'Hospitalet

- Spring festival, Kunming, China

- Minimúsica, Barcelona

 - Accroches couers Angers, France

- Gaderteater, Denmark

- Festes de la Mercè. Barcelona
- Festival de Teatro Clásico. Olite
- Happy Jazz Festival. Lisboa
- Musikale Festival. Bizkaia
- Festival de circ i teatre de Carrer Trapezi. Vilanova i la Geltrú
- Marató de l’Espectacle. Barcelona
- Cantanhede Dixie Festival. Portugal
- Etnival. Girona

- Festival de circ i humor Ple de Riure. el Masnou
- Festival de Teatro y Artes de Calle. Valladolid
- 25a Marató de l’Espectacle. Barcelona
- Fira de Teatre de Tàrrega. Catalunya
- Mercat de Música Viva Vic. Catalunya
- SibFest. Sibiu, Romania
- Imaxina Sons. Vigo
- Festival International du Theâtre d’Aurillac. France
- Ritmus. Festival Música do Mundo de Ponta Delgada. Açores
- Festival Teatro de Calle. Salamanca
- Brass: Durham International Festival. United Kingdom
- Milano Clown Festival. Milano
- Festival 5 Elementos. Oeiras, Portugal
- Norfolk & Norwich Festival. United Kingdom
- Artisti in Piazza. Pennabilli, Italia
- Pflasterspektakel. Linz, Österreich
- International Street Arts Festival SPRAOI. Waterford City, Ireland
- XTRAX Festival. Manchester City, United Kingdom
- Stadtspektakel. Landshut, Deutscheland
- Fête l’Hermione. Rochefort, France
- Internationalen Straßentheaterfestival Olala. Lienz, Österreich
- Kremnické Gagy. Slovak Republic
- Spring Carnival Festival. Beijing

- Black & White Theatre Festival. Imatra, Finland
- Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival. Scotland
- Sziget Festival. Budapest
- Wine and Dine Festival. Macao
- FIA Festival Internacional de las Artes. San José, Costa Rica
- The Venetian Carnevale. Macao
- Festival Mawazine. Rabat, Morocco
- Veszprémi Utcazene Fesztivál. Hungary
- Pflasterzauber. Hidesheim, Deutscheland
- Festival Jaleo. Garachico, Tenerife

- Premi del públic Haizetara. AmorebietaEtxano
- 1r Premi Mercè a Banda. Barcelona
- Premi del públic Fira Tàrrega
- Premi del públic Milano Clown Festival. Itàlia
- Premi millor Banda Spring Carnival Festival. Beijing
- Premi Unnim (per l’espectacle Flirt). Catalunya.
- Nominació als premis MAX (per l’espectacle Flirt). España

- Nydia. [Canal 33]
- La Nit 25. [TV3]
- Festes de Primavera. [TV L’H]
- Nochevieja con Josema y Flo. [La 1]
- La Nit 10. [TV3]
- La Partida. [TV3]
- Ànima. [Canal 33]
- La Marató 2011 i 2012. [TV3]
- Els Matins. [TV3]
- Divendres. [TV3]




Quina Barra

On the Rocks!

La calle es nuestra Milano

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