We will meet soon

April 2020

Season 2020: the final word has not been spoken yet,
We are alive, and we are going to beat Corona together.

There will be a huge party afterwards, hence us!

In drink we trust!

It smells like Carnaval spirit

feb/March 2020

And the season has begun! We have been in Besos de Mar and in the Plaza de la Catedral in Barcelona (Magic Line). We are still working on closing performances that will take us around the globe once again!

Just drink it!


January 2020

We start 2020 with energy for the great upcoming year! Just drink it!

December: getting ready!

December 2019

We close one of our best years and face 2020 with more projects and desire. See you on the ADMB tour 2020!

Aftermovie November

November 2019

November begins, and to celebrate the final stretch of the year we already have the 2019 aftermovie available, don't miss it!

Events October

October 2019

Having enjoyed as kids the "Festas de la Mercè", in a fantastic stage, we enter in October, the month of private events!

September @ La Mercè

September 2019

Summer is running out, but first we return to La Mercè, this time with Be Different, a family show for children and adults. We leave behind a spectacular August where we have met Terminator in Russia!

Guinness August

august 2019

After a magnificent July, we will be testing the Guinness at Spraoi festival (Waterford), we will return to Rúsia (Ametyelsvk) and at home we will be visiting Gilet, Banyoles and Gelida.
Just drink it!

Burning July!

July 2019

After an unforgettable experience at the Int street Festival in Arkhangelsk, July is waiting for us with some deluxe shows in Poland, Canada, Cruïlla festival, Cervera and Figuerosa.
In drink we trust!

Июнь в Архангельске!

June 2019

After having visited the wonderful Imaginarius in Portugal, the White Sea awaits us, we will be at Arkhangelsk International Street Theater Festival, Russia!

international May

May 2019

And we start with the tours! After Nau Bostik's show in May, it's time to visit the prestigious Imaginarius festival, in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

In drink we trust!

April in Andorra

April 2019

And festivals are starting! We are very excited to go to the Andorra Sax festival for the very first time, as well as attending our 3rd Meeec! festival in a row! And if you are not a festival fan, then meet us at Barcelona's Botanical Garden!

Just drink it!

March afterhours

March 2019

It seems that 2019 will be a great season, Canada, Russia, Poland etc (and we will inform)

Meanwhile enjoy last year's  aftermovie.

By the way, the picture is of tha amazing gig we did in 9 Barris, a few days ago, celebrating the 10 years of the PAH.

Just drink it!


January 2019

We started the year celebrating with the 3 wise men and dedicating the show to all the elephants on the planet.
A great season lies ahead, join us.

pre Christmas with the ADMB

december 2018

And to celebrate Christmas with Always Drinking Marching Band flavour, you can enjoy #Bedifferent on Saturday the 22nd in Lleialtat Santasenca  and "La calle es nuestra" in Premia de Mar on the 22nd in the afternoon.

October x 3

October 2018

October x 3
This October you will find us in Granollers 5/10, Sant Boi 6/10 and Castelldelfs 26/10.

A different September

September 2018

September has already begun and we were already in Santa Coloma with #Bedifferent. On Sunday 9 more of ADMB'S new show in Bellvitge and the 28th you'll find us with "La calle es nuestra" in Abrera, la Fira del Porrò.

Feel the heat August!

August 2018

After a very international July, we embrace August's heat visiting Mora la Nova / Santa Market / Aste Nagusia / White Summer / Pineda de Mar.

Check out the video of our participation at the Berlin Brass Festival.
Just drink it!

Julio, get the stretch!

July 2018

Summer, Cruïlla, Austria, Catalunya, Basque Country and Moscow, what else do we need?
12Festival Cruïlla - 13Hospitalet -14Viladecans - 15Amorebieta - 21 / 22Esbaiolat and Moscow - 26 / 27Lienz - 29Orrius
And on the 29th also the premiere of "Be Different"  our brand new family show in les santes de Mataró!

June, Ich liebe dich!

June 2018

June is already here, we have started the month at #lamostraolivella2018 (photo). They await us in Alella, Vilafranca, Premià de Mar and the 1st edition of the Berlin Brass Festival! Ich drink ein Berliner!

Borriana + Belgium!

May 2018

The tours are starting! We will in Borriana the 12th for the Maig di Gras and 26th, 27, 28 and 29 we will go to the International du Fanfare festival in Mons, Belgium!

We love this game!

April, meeec's festival month

April 2018

April is the month of the Meeec festival! A festival that has a lot to do with us and where we will be for the second time in a row! Take a look at the program and much more on their website.

everything returns

March 2018

March has witnessed what should have happened in December 2017. The retreat of Antonio Lopez's statue, where we have been today, 4/3, is part of a show directed by the great Joan Font of the Comediants.

February Carnival

Feb 2018

We start the year with one of our favorite activities: Carnivals. 10/2 in Gavà, get ready!

2017's Aftermovie

January 15, 2018

2017's aftermovie is in the net!

New year, new cocktail

January 2018

A new year begins and new horizons will come with it. For now we can announce that in addition to our emblem show "The street is ours" (which is in constant renovation) we are working on a new production that will see the light of autumn, we can not reveal anything yet, but it will be incredible!

cancellation of the show on December 3

december 2017

By electoral law, the performance of December 3 is unfortunately suspended.
We leave you the aftermovie of Volt festival.

Andorra and freedom!

november 2017

November has already taken us to Andorra and on 3/12 we will be celebrating with beers and a show the withdrawal of the statue of the slaver Antonio López.

Ni hao Kunming!

October 2017

8 days of Festival in the city of eternal spring, the Danguan Park mid autumn 'Moon' festival left us exhausted but happy. Our 3rd time in China was unforgettable! Xiexie Kunming!

September in yellow and black!

September 2017

This September has started in yellow and black! The first days of the month in Denmark, Oliana and Angers, and they are waitng for us us in Thrift (england) and China (Kunming). In drink we trust!

August will find us in Pals, Cardedeu and Denmark!

August 2017

After an intense July, in August you will find us in Pals (5 and 14), in Cardedeu (12) and touring almost all Denmark (between 16/8 and 2/9) Http://www.gadeteaterfestival.dk/ Just drink it!

July started in Hungary and will end up in the old town of Barcelona

July 2017

Our last day in the wonderful Volt festival (Sopron, Hungary) coincided with the first day of July. If you need more of us, this month you will find us in Reus, Portugal and in buskers Rai festival in Barcelona.
Just drink it!

June, here we come!

June 2017

We are delighted with the way the summer season has started. Oldham (England), Dole (France), Morell and Camp Nou turned out to be fantastic stages. We continued in June with Volt (Hungary), Piera and Camp Nou again.
Just drink it!

The summer season is around the corner!

May 2017

And we are ready for it!

So looking forward to go to Oldham (UK),(Dole (França),festival Volt (Hungary) and the International street festival in Denmark, and also Reus, Morel, Barcelona and others.

See ya there!

April festivals

April will find us enjoying the following festivals:

- 2/4 minimúsica at the Poble Espanyol.

- 7/4 Asturias in the international beer festival.

- 22/4 Meeec!festival, at L'Hospitalet (spring festival), the first street music festival in Catalonia.

2017 begins at home!

February 2017

What better than starting the year at home! This Thursday 23/2/17 Las Ramblas will be the perfect scenography for our season opener. Just drink it!

closing time

december 2016

After closing the season taking part in the gala of "la festa de les lletres Catalanes" we leave as a gift our video that sums up this brilliant 2016 season, see you in 2017!

160 moritz anniversary

October 2016

The carrer Sant Antoni in Barcelona, remained closed for five hours for the big party that rode the famous beer company Moritz on their anniversary. It was our first time playing on a Fiat 600! We will surely meet again with the excuse of some celebration soon!

Madrid, Binefar, Cornella and Fraga

Our summer season is coming to it's end, but before it ends "The street is ours" will be in Madrid, Binefar, Cornella and Fraga. And we'll have the Gagsters in Galdakao and Asturias.
Check our social media for images from our Gigs in Stoke on Trent, Ascó, Hendaye and the "Brasstards" in the Azores among others.

Just drink it!

Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Masnou, Sant Fost

July 2016

We have tested ourselves as a company by having 4 teams in 4 different cities in one weekend!
@brumhippodrome @plederiure @IFMKfest @santfost

Durham Brass festival

July 2016

A pleasure to be back for the fourth time to one of the most important Brass festivals and meeting our friends Funky Style Brass, Brass oompah , Les train savates , Beat and blow and many more!

The street is ours awarded in Dole!


The public of the festival "cirque et fanfares Dole" has chosen us as winners of this year! We are happy and grateful for this award! See you in 2017!

Merci beaucoup Dole !

Our Brasstards present their first LP!


We are very excited to present Brasstards's new LP ! Friday May 13 in sala 2 of La Salamandra. Do not miss this! click on tickets to buy them in advance with discount:


unforgettable show at Pza Catalunya

31 december 2015

We farewelled the year with a show designed for the occasion. Our gratitude to everyone who was part of it: Pausa's Brass Band, Brass Ali Ba , the entire production team Bcn i ICUB talent and all the guests who came to participate.

the Gagsters have a new video!

December 2015

We are proud to announce our new teaser made ​​by our friends of waking films.

The images were taken in la Merce 2015, Barcelona.

click the logo to see the video.

Brasstards releases

October 2015

The Brasstards,our company's stage Band, after it's successful performance at Sziget , releases Teaser and Facebook! Click on the logo to see the teaser and on Facebook to see the page. Just drink it!

bye summer

September 2015

We had an amazing season! thank you Cerdanyola, FCB, Barcelona, El Morell, Orlandai, Airun, Llinars, Calaf, Barbera, Piera, Solingen, Calonge, Sant Boim Rubi, Cantenhede, Benissanet, Sziget, Gaderteater (Denmark), Batea, Bilbao, Montblanc, Binefar, Bellvitge and festes de la Mercé, for having us there!

Gagsters in Freiburg

January 2015

We had a great time in the IFK faire! looking  forward to hear from all the contacts we made!

welcome 2015!

january, 2015

this January finds Brasstards recording a new lp and Gagsters getting ready for Freiburg!

You can see below some of the highlights from 2014!

with Buenafuente

October 2014

Doing a Gigg with Andreu Buenafuente!

One of the main entertainers in Spain!

Gasgters in Tenerife!

October 2014

We where very pleased to perform in Garachico, Tenerife for the first time.

Great audience and fantastic views!

Hildesheim, Prost!

September, 2014

What can we say about Germany's festivals, they are amazing, as well as the beer...

great ambiente!

Veszprem mon amour!

July, 2014

Say it loud! we were in Veszprem and we're proud! we love Hungary, and Ssiget is not the only option, lovely festival in Veszprem!

Gagsters in Portugal

June, 2014

Vila real! great time, great audience, great food and booze, what else can you ask for? we love Portugal!

ADMB in Marroco!

May, 2014

This was deffintely one of the highlights of 2014.

we had a great time in Marroco with "La calle es nuestra" check the video!

ADMB in Costa Rica

April, 2014

As you can see in the Picture, Costa Rica was big time! We enjoyed the country and the amazing audience with 2 of our shows, "Brasstards and La calle es nuestra"

China, for the second time!

April , 2014

We are starting to feel locals after our second time in China, this time we spend one month in Macao, Nihao!

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